I Love Music
I have been listening and writing music that pleases me for about twenty years.  And,  I
love music from country to new wave.   The expressionism is what thrills me.  I love to
make music my way…not necessarily for the world to hear, but definitely what I
wanted to hear.  I love my music and my style of writing.  Yet, the finished product I
produced was pleasing but not sounding quite like I want it to.

Early on before I acquired the equipment I have today.  I used to use all kinds of wild
method to create a song.  I would hear a song in my head and go about producing it
with three cassette recorders and spliced wires.  The mixes were simply put
“HORRIBLE”.  But, they were my creations and I loved them.  Some of them I have till
this day and won’t give them up for the world.  I use the equipment I have now to give
clarity to the songs.

Over the years and gained experience, I have improved the sound quality of my songs.  
Let’s face it, there is only so much I could do with the songs.  I had a make shift mixing
method I dreamed up.  I did the best I could at the time….talk about humble

I moved on and upgraded my equipment with a TASCAM four track recorder and midi
equipment. I had a blast using the equipment and creating songs. Those where the
beginnings of my wonder years.  Wow, how I love getting my midi drum machine to
work with my midi keyboard and could literally write a whole song using this

I moved on to a DAW (digital audio workstation ) by voyetra  and what a fun time I
had learning how to use that program.   At this period of my life., I didn’t know
anything about mastering audio…as a matter of fact…I didn’t know there was such a
thing as mastering music.  After many hours of practice and learning not to use too
much equalization, compression and a host of other things, I came up with a decent
mix…well at least that’s what I thought at the time.  

Now I’ve moved on to mastering songs.  I have worked with many form of music from
classical to rock. Mainly my focus is on working with people who are like me in my
earlier days who just want their songs polished.  I formed a company called
MusicMinded.  MusicMinded is geared toward people who like their own style of
music and want their audio worked on.  The main focus of MusicMinded is to bring up
the overall volume of a song whether it be a whole song or motifs.  Also, I can
improved most songs regardless of its mix quality.  

If you have a song you made and love or an old recording and want to bring it out,
give MusicMinded a chance to enhance the song.  I can lessen or eliminate that old
background hiss, hums, or noise. I can also remove most clicks and pops from
songs from old records. Just send the audio as a WAV or MP3 format.  Tell us what
you like and leave the rest up to us. MusicMinded will send you three takes on the
song for a small fee.  The fees are listed on the

Bringing up the volume level of a song can be done
Hiking up the volume during the sound mastering process can bring out the total
music experience by enhancing the overall song.  Lower instruments and voices will
come forward without jeopardizing the integrity of the song.  By using mastering
techniques, the overall sound quality of a song will be apparent when raising the

If you have a decent mix, your song will sound better
When mixing music sometimes overall quality may be missed and issues arise. Issues
like lack of balance, dipping, blaring audio and a host of other problems.  One thing
that must be pointed out when mastering music is that if a mix is bad it will be utterly
apparent when raising the volume…can’t change a bad mix. In some cases in song
mastering,  a song can  be improved .  If your song requires working on highs, mids,
bass, resonance issues, MusicMinded can help with these mixing issues using the latest
and best digital technology and mastering techniques.  Some mixes however are
beyond repair and must be remixed before any mastering can be done.  But generally a
mix can be worked on if there is enough headroom and the song is not badly done by
an excessive amount of clipping, poorly recorded tracks.  But do not fret, if you made a
recording on whatever device, MusicMinded can bring improvement to the quality of
the song. Keep in mind that there can be only so much done to a song based upon the

Your song will be brought up to around  -1.0 db and 0.0 db
To prevent clipping using a brickwall limiter, MusicMinded average songs tops around
-1.0 - 0.0.  If you want the song brought up higher, this can be done however you will
risk clipping and distortion. Let me point out that all signals above 0.0db are not bad
and may be required depending upon the overall song quality.  When mastering audio,
MusicMinded will take this into consideration.
MusicMinded will bring up the volume level on your song for just $5.  If you
would like to have other work done on your song, let MusicMinded know what
you want accomplished via email.  See the
buypage for details and pricing
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